Pandeiro Classes

The pandeiro is one of Jordan's favourite instruments and is really passionate about its versatility as an instrument with very few limitations on the kinds of sounds it can make. 

Jordan has studied with amazing pandeiro players such as Holly Prest, Mat Clements, JP Courtney in the UK as well as the great Bernardo Aguiar and the legend that is Marcos Suzano - the inventor of the Pandeiro Moderno style. Which opened the door for this instrument to be essentially a portable drum kit. 

To ensure that all of his students get the right amount of attention required in learning this instrument Jordan will be running multiple classes of up to 3 people at a time in Edinburgh at various times of the week. As well as online. 

Enquiries for this class will always be open so if it's something that interests you please fill out THIS form and hopefully a lesson/series of lessons can be arranged.

Not sure what this instrument is all about? Check have a look at these videos👇