Percussion and Songs of Brazil | Bahia Notes

Welcome to the notes page for the Bahian block of my course. Here you can find all the videos I've made for your viewing pleasure as well as the PDF document for the block. Click/tap the icon below to download the PDF

Videos + Extra resources for Candomble

Jon Hardeman - His website has an in-depth write up about Candomblé and his youtube channel features many rhythms

Os Tincoãs - Their beautiful albums can be found on youtube, here is their self titled 1973 album

Example songs for Oxum 

Videos + Extra resources for Samba Reggae

Olodum - Playing some great grooves
Ile Aiye - Explaining their bateria (in PT), also my favourite album of their's where you can hear the different repique pattern and dobra patterns.

Banda Dida Feminina  - here they are playing the standard Samba Reggae groove I notated in the PDF. (4)

Bloco Fogo Azul NYC - they have a blog post about the bloco afros which is really comprehensive

Alegria Geral - Olodum, the example song. 

Below: 2-3 Samba Reggae + different repique patterns.

2-3 Samba Reggae example coming later this week.


Videos + Extra resources for Axé

Saulo Fernandes performing 

Ivete Sangalo with Olodum

Below - 3 surdos in a samba reggae feel (7) + Timbal grooves (8) (with some pandeiro fun too)

Videos + Extra resources for Contemporary Music

Pagodao groove example for all instruments coming soon.