Jordan is a versatile Edinburgh based percussionist, musical director and workshop facilitator. His deep love of carnival and world music has taken him around the UK, Europe teaching and performing as well as to Brazil to study the music and culture multiple times.

Since 2009 Jordan has been studying and practising Afro-Brazilian song and percussion and has found lots of ways to incorporate those rhythms and instruments into other musical contexts - as well as using them as a vehicle for social good in community groups.



Photo by Richard Haynes @ Nottinghill Carnival 2015

Current Projects

The Edinburgh Samba School - Director, Workshop Leader

Shunpike Social Club - Percussion section lead

Bristol Branch - Percussionist

Oi Musica - Admin and Assistant Producer

Music For Wellness - Workshop Facilitator

Novatown Bossa, Bossa Nova Collective - Percussionist

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